Prace polskich autorów przedstawione na kongresie ERS 2018

26 września 2018

Wybrane prace polskich autorów przedstawione na kongresie ERS 2018, który odbył się w dniach 15-19 września 2018 r. w Paryżu:

  • Radzikowska E. i wsp. OA3782 - "Chemotherapy in patients with pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis”.
  • Raniszewska A. i wsp. OA3300 - "PD-L1 expression on lung cancer stem cells in metastatic lymph nodes”.
  • Badyda A. i wsp. PA4501 - "Cardiopulmonary diseases and lung cancer mortality due to PM2.5 exposure in 11 Polish Agglomerations in 2006-2015”.
  • Brożek G i wsp. PA4543 - "The prevalence of e-cigarette and cigarette smoking among students in Central and Eastern Europe - preliminary results of YUPESS study”.
  • Doboszyńska A. i wsp. PA1514 - "The effect of tobacco smoke on paediatric respiratory disorders during sleep”.
  • Gnass M. i wsp. PA412 - "A comparison of PET-CT and complete endosonographic nodal staging with use of 25 gauge needles in small nodes in NSCLC patients”.
  • Jankowski M. i wsp. PA1721 - "Acute health effects of short-term use of e-cigarette on respiratory and cardiovascular system”.
  • Kopiński T. i wsp. PA2788 - "Cytotoxicity and apotosis of alveolar lymphocytes (AL) in early clinical stage (I-IIa) of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)”.
  • Szpechciński A. i wsp. PA4224 - "The detection of EGFR mutations in liquid biopsy by allele-specific qPCR – the comparative evaluation of two common diagnostic tests”.